Calibration Issues Viasys Infant Flow SiPap Ventilator


The calibration was not successful. The Sipaps were unable to calibrate the concentration of oxygen at different concentrations that is 21 & and 100%. Failure to achieve this means that they cannot proceed to initialize and be used.
They were able to calibrate for 21% which is the normal concentration of oxygen in air. However, they were unable to calibrate 100% oxygen concentration which is the maximum possible concertation.
As such, I requested that we carry out testing for the quality of oxygen being supplied and detect its maximum concentration before retesting the Sipaps.
Results of testing the quality of oxygen being supplied.
After acquiring an oxygen analyzer, the first results of air quality were 34% of oxygen concentration and this could not produce an accurate calibration test.
We changed the oxygen supplier and the next test for new oxygen delivered was 91%. This improved quality however was not 100%. Carrying out another calibration test was also not successful as the Sipap could only calibrate the lower 21% but not the 100%. The results for calibration were improved after changing the supplier of oxygen as the Sipaps were able to detect up to 89% oxygen in the air supply. This however still falls short of the required 100%.

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Has the oxygen sensor been replaced? What about preventive maintenance history


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