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18650 batteries have gone absolute dead short

I have 2 18650 batteries for a vacuum cleaner, and they wouldn't charge. I took it apart and tested the cells, and 2 of them were completely dead, not even microvolts. I tested their resistance, it was 2Ω for one and 3Ω for the other. Idk what happened, if they over discharged or what, but not good.

Good side is: Yay! 4 more 18650 batteries for my collection!

P.S. Is there really a nothing phone???

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@anchefixes 18650 (and all lithium cell batteries), can have individual or multiple cells fail. That’s just how batteries are.

I have had success replacing individual cells, but it takes serious dismantling on the battery, and it’s not easy to get it correctly put back together. If you go the route of replacing one or more cells, be sure to use at least the same mAh rating, as “the chain is only as strong as it’s weakest link”.

PS! Yes,there is: Nothing

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I would not replace only some cells in a stack. They are all old, even though some may not have failed yet. This means they have aged to a lower capacity. You will be creating a severe capacity mismatch. Depending on the protection provided, or not provided, by the battery management hardware/software, you will then experience overcharging, since the weak cells will charge to a higher voltage first, meaning the voltage applied across the pack will be higher for the weak cells, leading to ... fire and explosion. In discharge, the old cells will be depleted first, leading to critically low voltage for them, leading to copper deposition and subsequent ... fire and explosion.

Don't do it.

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