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Repair guide and support for the 2018 Toyota Highlander. The Highlander is a midsized SUV with a V6 engine, marketed as a family vehicle.

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How to replace inner tail light assembly on 2018 Highlander


I have a 2018 Highlander that I need to replace the inner tail light assembly on. The is the tail light that is on the rear hatch that opens (if looking at the back of the vehicle it is the right inner tail light if that matters). Thank you in advance.

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@bobbywentdigi should be identical for the 2014-2018 3rd gen. Something like this video should work.

It would be great if you can make a guide when you replace your tail light assembly. That way we would have it for the next person, that is looking for a solution to their tail light issue. It is not difficult to create a guide

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