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A hand-held video camera manufactured in 2008 by Panasonic.

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Powering camera without original power supply or battery

I have a very limited budget. Power supplies or batteries are very expensive for me.

Is there a good fix?

i think i can't power it via usb or AV.

So should I solder directly to battery connectors and use some power supply?

Do you guys have some better ideas?

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maciulex we don't know what you have available to power up your camera. Let us know what you have in your possession or what you can get, that could function as a power supply. Your camera will need DC 9.3V and 1.2A to get it to operate. You are right, your USB port is not going to work for it. If you have any other power supply that can provide that voltage or higher, we can probably come up with something. Looks like the original DC cables connected through the battery connector. If you have an old battery it could probably be modified to function as an adapter.

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Post pictures of the battery, if you have it, as well as the battery compartment of your camera.

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I lost battery, but pretty recently, so I will try find it today it's still very possible

I have power supply 12v 1.25A

Resistor starter kit, it's have all basic values

Zenner diodes 3.3v and 4.7v 0.5w

And welding machine

I think it can work out if I find the battery and it will be pretty awesome

Then I need a good way of dropping voltage and safe way to open the battery


@maciulex okay we know we need to step the voltage down by 3 Volts (12V-9V)Now we need to find how many ohms of resistance we need, we'll use



R=2.4 Ohm

You'd be looking at 3.7 Watt power so you need a beefy resistor. Or you could use two resistors with the 1st resistor of 1/3 the resistance and the second resistor with the last 2/3 resistance. Something like 800 mOhms and 1.6 Ohm


10 Ω

22 Ω

47 Ω

100 Ω

220 Ω

470 Ω

1 kΩ

2.2 kΩ

4.7 kΩ

10 kΩ

22 kΩ

47 kΩ

100 kΩ

220 kΩ

470 kΩ

1 MΩ

and they had as i read in shop 0.5 w

they not good enought propably should i stack a bunch of them i had 10 of each


I had a lot of luck, I found DC adapter so it's like a battery, but with an already cable in it was going to DC adapter that's still lost

I've tried some voltage divider or just resistors, but Amps go to low also I tried power it with single 9v battery and red light start flashing but I don't know what it's meant but there are three options

1 camera is broken

2 to low voltage

3 to low Amps


I bet its to low amperage. It needs the higher amperage to run.


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