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My ford fiesta 2008 doors won't unlock with my keys

So my car doors won't unlock using the keys but it does lock with the same key this problem used to be in the driver side only now the passenger door doesn't unlock too

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Check that the battery in the key fob is OK.

It may need replacing.

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You also might want to head to an auto parts store and pick up some graphite lock lubricant. In the old days this was just a tube of powdered graphite but nowadays it usually comes in a liquid carrier that can be squirted into the lock cylinder.

Either way, generously squirt some in and run the key in and out a few times to work it into the tumblers. This will help if your locks have gotten gummed up over time.

Also, if your key is double-sided, try flipping it over and see if that makes any difference. If the key is worn sufficiently it won't work correctly; in advanced cases you may need to go to the dealer or a locksmith and have them cut you a key using a key code rather than copying the existing key.



It's getting harder to find new cars that have a lock in the door that the key can be inserted into to open it.

Earlier models had a key lock on both front doors but a lot these days only have it on the driver's side and now even that is getting rarer.

Once the key fob fails (for whatever reason) you're essentially locked out of your car.


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