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Is it the Power Supply or the Logic Board

My imac intel 24 alum 2.8Gh Emc2211 won´t do anything when I press the power button. I´ve checked wall outlet, power cord, opened and cleaned the dust in it. I´ve read that probably power supply or logic board may be the culprits. I want to repair them myself. How can I be sure which one is responsable. Is there any way to test it when, I repeat, my computer does not give any signal of life (as if it would be unplugged) Thanks for your help


Hello Mayer, at last I received the Power Supply yesterday and I assembled it a minute ago. My iMac is back in service! for a few seconds I was afraid of pushing the button and not hearing the chime... but there it was. Thanks again for your help, and thanks also to the members and participants of the ifixt it site.

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solved - power supply replaced. Which version of the PSU did you go with?


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Sounds like a power supply issue to me. Try unplugging it and holding down the power on button for five seconds. Then plug it back in and give it a shot. Test your wall outlet for power. Remove the screen and check the LED diagnostic lights to the right of the RAM slots and let us know your results.

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Carlos, while I don't mind the private emails, the answers tend to only help one person rather than others who may have the same problems, so I really prefer to answer you here. Apple iMac "Core 2 Duo" 2.8 24-Inch (Early 2008) Specs Identifiers: Early 2008 - MB325LL/A - iMac8,1 - A1225 - 2211 Looks like you need part # 661-4665, here's a photo of the front and back:

The main problem I'm seeing is that the part listed by iFixit and the one listed by welovemacs are different number and look totally different.


I found this explanation elsewhere: Apple has determined that the 240W power supply (661-4422) and the 250W power supply (661-4478) for the iMac (24-inch Mid 2007) computer are interchangeable. As such, the 240W power supply (661-4422) will be substituted with the250W power supply (661-4478). A pressure wall ships with each version of the power supply. It is very important that you install the pressure wall sent with the replacement power supply.

Then I see the 661-4665:

Personally I would go with the 661-4665 as it is the latest revision.


Hello Mayer; the Power Supply I have ordered is the one you recommended me, which besides being the cheapest, was the only that showed a picture identical to the Power Supply I removed from my computer. I have not received it yet. All the way from sunny California, to a lost snowy mountain town in Spain. As soon as I get my hands on it and mount it, I will let you all know the end... ? I hope, of the story.


I totally agree with you Mayer ; so here is a compendium of the whole experience; as I said in the first post I found my imac intel 24 aluminum turned off one morning, which did not surprised me much because of the frequent power failures in the rural area of Spain where I live. I tried to turn it on without getting any result at all, no LEDs no fan or other noise, no screen, nothing. So to make a long story short and after testing the fuse box, wall outlet and power cord I knew there was definitely something wrong with the computer itself so I decided to Google it up. The hints led me to either a malfunctioning Power Supply or Logic Board; among the Googled up sites, I found iFixit and through their tutorials got the back bone to open the computer and take a closer look. Same result, no activity whatsoever. I proceeded to remove the Power-Supply and inspect it with the help of a lupe; there seemed to be some slight signs of overheated activity, I have uploaded some pictures. In my initial desperation I found the comfort and company of Mayer to whom I e-mailed directly at the same time that I posted my question here.

My conclusion is I needed an UPS to begin with in order to prevent my computer from power failures and guarantee current stabilization. Thanks to everyone involved in my first "Hardware to Heck" adventure; specially you Mayer.


I am interested in exactly which power supply you ordered as it appears the new ones are much more solid state than the old ones. This would lead me to believe that they will have fewer failures. Please keep us updated as to your progress. Glad I could be of some service.


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All good but when you have an iMac 20 inch and the power light goes on but no chime, display or backlight. I was suggested to still replace the power supply but like the other post could also be the logic board. What answer can you give me?

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