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La PlayStation 3 (ou communément appelé la PS3) est le troisième système de divertissement informatique à domicile produit par Sony Computer Entertainment, et le successeur de la PlayStation 2. Il a été commercialisé le 11 Novembre 2006.

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bluetooth devices not working

I've checked for previous questions seems that nobody has had an issue like mine. my ps3 works fantastic. model#CECHL01 its an 08 model, and still like new , the only issue I'm having is nothing bluetooth works, mic, controllers I've even bought new controllers nothing...I reset controllers and system same result, help what is problem so that i can use the wireless devises on my ps3

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thank you cody yes this will help i was unsure if wife and bluetooth were the same board but thanks for the e-bay find i thought they would be more expensive


glad i could help out


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it sounds to me like maybe your bluetooth module is bad...there are a few on ebay here....they are pretty cheap just make sure you get one that will fit your model ps3 (i believe that any will fit yours except for the first few models that had 4 usb ports). For instillation you can follow this guide to step #12 but only remove the screws holding the bluetooth module in place and then just swap out and follow the guide backwards for re-assembly.

Hope this helped,


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i appologize but this is actually the correct guide...sorry for the confustion.


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