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A rechargeable personal shaver by Braun in the cruZer series.

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Shaver will not turn on it seems the protector over the switch is worn

Hi all, just wanted to know why my Shaver will not turn on, it seems the protector over the switch is worn, but I can hear the switch working!

When I push the electric cord hard into the shaver, it works, so it cannot be the Batteries, which I seem to read that could have been the problem? However, it should still work if it’s connected to the mains?

Any ideas guys?

Kind regards

Wee Davey

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your question is circular. You say it works on mains. Then you say it can't be the batteries. then you say it SHOULD work when connected to the mains.

That makes no sense. If it works on mains and does not charge the battery so that it works when disconnected from the mains, then it is the battery.


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Hi there Bill, maybe you didn’t understand me, what are am trying to explain is, it does not seem to switch on at all, if I connect it to the mains I still struggle to get my poor shaver to work, after a while being connected, I wiggle the socket that connects the Shaver and it seems to work?

So my question is, what might be causing this ti happen, could it be the batteries, or the fact that when it’s connected to the mains, it should over ride the batteries and it should still work??

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well, that is a lot better explanation than the original post.

The shaver will work with a dead battery if the mains are connected.

Therefore, either the socket or pins are corroded, the wire in the cord is broken, or an internal wire is loose.

Start by checking those in that order. That means you will have to disassemble for the last one. If needed, check YouTube for a video.

Since the cord must be connected to charge the battery, that may be why it doesn't work with battery alone. Once that is fixed, you can figure out if the battery is bad.


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