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Processeur quad-core Intel Core i7 à 2,2 GHz (Turbo Boost jusqu'à 3,4 GHz), 2,5 GHz (Turbo Boost jusqu'à 3,7 GHz), ou 2,8 GHz (Turbo Boost jusqu'à 4,0 GHz) avec 6Mo de cache L3 partagé.

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MacBook Pro won't start / Tried everything

Hi all,

I'm kind of running out of solutions:

I have a second hand macbook pro (15", mid 2015), which looks brand new.

A few months ago, the battery stopped charging,I thought by then it was the adapter (a original apple one) and as I got a new mac from work, I ignored that and left it in a drawer.
As I'm about to quit my job, and I still need a computer, I bought a new charger from Apple and surprise, it stil doesn't charge.

I tried reseting SMC, PRAM, changed the battery and the magsafe adapter, but no luck so far.

When i press and hold the power button for 10 secs without the charger plugged in, and then plug it in, it will start, with fans fully on but goes into a boot loop (the bar goes up to a third).

I tried to boot it from a external ssd, but no luck, still going in loops....

When I tried to boot it in diagnostic mode, it will say that the battery is not detected....

Funny thing is that I can't even manage to start it with the new battery fitted in.

One more thing: when ever I plug the charger, no lights turns up, and the symbol of the battery charging is showing up whenever i press the on button.

Any one has got an idea?

I love this mac, and as said before it's still in good condition excepting that (...). I took everything apart, and nothing seems damaged on the boards...



Update (12/07/2022) ===

I finally received the new battery from Ifixit.

the mac is starting! That's for the good news... But the battery is not charging, just like before....

I'll start investigate.

Update (01/11/2023)

Hi all, sorry I've been away for a while.

So.... I bought a new logic board, and still the same problem. I re-ordered a DC board as the seller was positive the logic board was tested and working, and guess what? That was it, everything is fine since then.

Thanks a lot to everyone who helped me here, if anyone has the same problem, just keep an eye on the DC board: from what I find out, it should be lighting up the charger when plugged to the logic board only, and everything disconnected. That could be helpful to find out the problem, once it is settled, you can plug back other stuff and keep on finding out what's going on :-)

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So the battery was replaced? I read that you replaced the charger with an official one but the end mentions you got a new battery also?

I know MacBook Pro 2015+ will refuse to boot without a battery so does sound like faulty battery and the fact diagnostic mode says there is no battery is likely the boot loop cause.

If it was replaced tho, was it a reputable battery?As Mac's will be picky or could of been terrible luck and got a bad new battery. If you can get info SystemInfo you should be able to see under "Power" the information on the battery connected.


Hi Richard, and thanks for your reply.

Yeah I changed the battery with no luck, for this model:

I also changed the charger, bought directly from Apple.

I returned it and bought one from Ifixit this morning, we'll see what happens and will keep you updated.




Thanks Will, but I've already tried that a few times and it still won't turn on...


@sylvainpek - Before you loose the power reboot and press the '’’D''' key to enter into diagnostics let us know what the errors are.


I tried it, and here it goes:

it says that the adapter cannot be tested, I tried running the test à few times, and always the same result (EDIT: I ran the diagnostic again to get the error code: PPP007).

However, the Mac is plugged in, battery is recognized and in good condition. I tried reset SMC and NVRAM and PRAM as well, still no luck :( And I know it runs from the adapter as the battery level doesn't go down since I changed it.


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When you plug in the MagSafe charger what is the connectors color? Amber, Green or not lit at all

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Hi Dan,

The charger doesn’t light up at all…


@sylvainpek - I would inspect the MagSafe socket for dirt. Give it a good clean using some isopropyl alcohol and a couple of cotton swabs and use a fresh pink pencil eraser (still soft) to polish the contacts. You may need to replace the socket MacBook Pro 15" Retina (Late 2013-Mid 2015) MagSafe 2 DC-In Board and/or new MagSafe charger. Please go directly to Apple for it as there are quite a few knockoffs which are just junk! And even the sellers are lying! As they are not selling the real McCoy!

I also recommend using CoconetBattery to monitor your batteries health.


I changed the connector already, that I bought from a supposed legit second hand part reseller, I'm afraid... But still no luck.

I'll wait on the battery from ifixit and see what happens.

Thanks for your help anyway!


@sylvainpek - This is starting to sound like the charging logic on the main logic board got damaged from a knockoff charger. What happens is the MOSFET’s which switch the power get damaged which is why the MagSafe LED won’t light as SMC is not getting the signal from the logic.


That's funny, as I never used any unofficial charger, although I bought it second hand from a reconditionned store. The charger contained the Apple logo on it and seemed legit (and was claimed to be an original one).

I guess there is no way to replace it?

I will receive my new battery tomorrow, hopefully my beloved mac will turn on... Or I'll change look for a new logic board :(

Thanks for your help anyway @Dan !


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Well this might be help you out:

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