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Fondée en 2009, vivo est une entreprise technologique chinoise qui conçoit et fabrique des smartphones.

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vivo nex dual display black screen problem

My vivo nex dual display phone has been shut down for a while, There is no problem in the screen that can make it to go black. When i charge it the phone gives me vibration as I try to open It but with no display so please help me I don't know what to do

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Hey this problem happens with water damage sometimes the connectors can get corroded or ripped if you didn’t water damage it I see that probably the phone got dropped and the cable got disconnected but that you say it vibrates

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there is damage by any means nor water thing I was in the road and the battry drained and shut down at that time and i had no cable access to charge it so i didn't charged it upto 1 hour at minimum but when i get home and try to open my phone the scrren stays black with vibration i tried hard reset but not helpful also the cables are fine i have seen it there is no damage in the hardware part even technicians can figure it out the problem....what do u think It would be??Is it battry problem that may be the dual display uses 2 screen with one battery that the battery is soooo drained It didn't have enough power to power it on?


You’re confusing me a bit I meant the cables on the inside


what is the thing that is confusing u?


Try chargeing with a diffrant charger


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