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USB port coming loose, with intermittent charging.

When I plug it in to charge, it dings registering the connection then dings to register a disconnect. It rapidly cycles between the two. If I hold the plug a certain way it will sometimes stay connected and charge, but it's becoming more persnickety. How do I open it to repair the port?

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Hello! I have an onn. 7in. Android 9 tab w/keyboard that used to have a similar problem. If your device uses type B charging [ the kind that only plugs in one way] there may be an issue. This depends on how many times you unpluged/plugged your device in, what cord you use, and what charging block you use [charging source] Because you said that charger registers better when you turn it a certain way, it may be the charging cord causing this. This is common with type B chargers, as they tend to wear out over time. Try changing the charging cord. Use a newer charging cord, Dollar tree tends to sell good charging cords [I still use their cables, no problem] and see if it solves the issue. If this does not solve the issue, try a different charging block. Every charging block is different, outputs different voltages, and wear out over time. Like charging cords, Dollar tree sells good charging blocks. Use that to see if it solves the issue. If that also doesn't work, I would not know what to do after that. This is the best that I got for repair.

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I didn't bother to include in my post all the details that I felt were irrelevant as they're obvious first tries, but I've already tried multiple chargers and cords. The tablet in question also has USB-C for its charge port, which is a known product detail. It has devolved to the point where it refuses to charge except for a few percentage points at a time every few days, so it's close to dead. It's very likely that a capacitor within the charge circuit has either burned out or is otherwise not working as it should, and I don't want to destroy it while attempting to fix it as that would turn it into e-waste. If no one can tell me how to safely open it to fix the internals it may end up that way anyhow because experimentation may destroy it.


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