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8.0 Megapixels, 3.6x optical zoom, 2.6" LCD Monitor

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Canon Powershot S80 White vertical lines on screen and photo

White vertical lines on screen and photo won't go away.

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I'm not an expert on digital cameras by any means, but I do understand the technology behind them, so here are my thoughts on this problem.

First off, the lines you're seeing obviously aren't an artifact of a damaged screen. On other devices like cell phones with display issues you'll see the problem on the screen but if you take a screenshot it won't show the problem. Here, you're seeing the lines on the saved photos as well as on the display which means the lines are there before it gets saved or displayed.

The only other source for image problems like that is the CCD array that captures the image. I have no idea how to replace that part by itself, but a quick search came up with a complete lens assembly that appears to include the CCD array on AliExpress.

Lens Zoom Unit For Canon PowerShot S80 Digital Camera Repair Part Silver + CCD

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The CCD could be replaced if it would available. It is the part that is mounted to the back of the lens mechansim and attaches with the flex as shown in step 12 on here step

Cost is probably more than the complete assembly you've linked to ;-)


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The vertical white lines.

Lens shutter diaphragm is not closing after the shutter timing.

  1. Shutter blades are sticky.
  2. Solenoid of shutter is non working.
  3. Flex is damaged.

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