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Released on May 20 2022. These are Sony's most advanced noise cancelling headphones.

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Why is my Sony wh-1000xm5 not charing?

when I first got it, it used to charge with just any usb-c cable.

about a month ago it'll only charge on original usb-c.

now it'll not charge with anything.

charging light still turns on, and will be on for hours without charging.

sometimes I get lucky and it actually charges to 100% and battery life seems normal.

everything else works fine.

what could be the problem? Did I break it?

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2 commentaires:

Hi Igor,

I have the same issue. Have you managed to fix it?




Hi, I had to contact sony. Luckily the warranty was not expired. They ended up sending me a brand new pair. I sent my broken pair back to sony.


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Igor Jin since these are pretty new, I would first try to get them repaired under warranty. It is possible that this is a charging connector issue or even a battery issue. Worst case scenario would be a failed power management IC. There are no schematics available, so we would rely on you posting some really good pictures of the circuit boards etc. with your QUESTION. Even then, it might be difficult to figure out. Again, try under warranty first.

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