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The Meta Quest 2 (formerly Oculus Quest 2) is the successor to the Oculus Quest that came out on May 21st, 2019. The Quest 2 is a revised model that features a better processor and redesigned touch controllers.

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How do I replace my oculus quest 2 display

well I let my brother borrow my oculus quest 2 expecting to get it back in the same good condition, but he gave it back with a lot of yellow dots and lines. I'm guessing this is sun damage. I want to know if its possible to replace the display, and if you can how?

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i have the same problem


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@the5thberzerker take a look on here This should at least get you to the LCD and the lenses. Easiest would be to replace it as a LCD/Lens assembly. Replacements seem a little scarce but there are some available on here and other places as well.

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