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An upgrade of the Nintendo Game Boy Advance, the Advance SP was released, in North America, on March 23 2004 with a square structure and clam-shell design.

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Two verticle green lines at the top of my gba so?

Block Image

got it from Amazon renewed program and it came with these lines, should I send it back or fix it myself (I have been looking for a project, if it is somewhat cheap I’ll fix it) what is the problem?

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Callum Nicholson send it back. That is a failed screen. Of course, if you insist to work on it :-) use this guide Nintendo Game Boy Advance SP Screen Replacement - iFixit Repair Guide Replacement screens are available at places like this

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That screen is broken. That usually happens when a screen is bent or dropped, so it could have been damaged during the repair (or as amazon calls it, the renewal) or during shipping. Unless you want to fix it yourself and void any sort warranty of that amazon provides, I would just send it back.

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