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We are very excited to introduce to you my new BLV Ender 3 V2 upgrade project designed for the popular Ender 3 V2 - 3D printer. The project's goal is to take your beloved Ender 3 V2 to the next level by using only aluminum parts, mgn12 linear rails, Orbiter extruder and more, using Klipper firmware you will gain maximum accuracy, efficiency, and high print quality.

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Creality Ender 3 v2 Touchscreen and BL Touch firmware

My ender 3 v2 3D printer has had a BL Touch for about a year now, I just got a touch display upgrade for it (among other things), and I could not seem to find a firmware that supports both the BL Touch and the touch display. I was wandering if anyone new of a firmware for this

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on the official creality page, download the regular firmware for the touch and then in size the .zip download there is a one with BLtouch support

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