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Le smartphone haut de gamme Apple de l'année 2020. Annoncé le 13 octobre et commercialisé le 13 novembre, l'iPhone 12 Pro Max inclut un écran OLED 6,7", une triple caméra arrière avec LiDAR et la connectivité 5G. Successeur de l'iPhone 11 Pro Max.

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Auto Focus Issue after back glass replacement

I had the back glass on my iphone repaired at a kiosk in the mall, however since then the auto focus on the back camera will not work. Any thoughts on what may have caused that? I can go back or go to a different repair place, but any suggestions if I should try anything?


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Hi Matt,

Rear glass replacement is always a tricky issue for repair. The main problem is the adhesive used to hold the glass on is extremely strong and requires high heat to soften enough for removal. The more expensive repair facilities use a precision laser to burn away the adhesive with minimal damage to other components, but most simply use a heat gun to blast the back of the phone with heat in order to get the old glass off.

This sometimes has the unfortunate side effect of damaging internal components of the phone; we've seen cameras, flex cables and other parts that no longer work after a rear glass repair. The only truly safe way to do that repair is to remove all of the internal components first; basically you have to gut the phone, which can have its own set of problems, but at least you don't run the risk of heat damage.

So anyway, it might be worth your time to try software solutions first such as doing a complete wipe and restore, but my personal suspicion is that you'll end up replacing the rear camera to fix this problem.

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It should be a LiDAR damage

Try to check this through AR apps or PolyCam if LiDAR is working or not

In case of a LiDAR issue, there is no fix but to change the broken LiDAR sensor


@Ali Imran Ah, thanks Ali; that hadn't occurred to me. I haven't caught up on the new LiDAR sensor on the iPhone 12 - will definitely have to look that up.


Did you ever replace the LiDAR sensor on the phone? Did this fix the issue in the end? I know others have been saying it's due to these calibration tools that Apple use when replacing these serialised parts or something!


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