How do I move front proximity sensor from old phone to new assembly?

Hello, I recently purchased the Samsung Galaxy S20 Screen and battery replacement assembly for my Galaxy S20 5G. I removed all the parts and I noticed a few differences between my phone during disassembly, even though it is also the G981 model. Unlike the guide, the new assembly comes with a camera, so removing the camera was not necessary. However, the new assembly does not come with the proximity sensor attached. And the guide does not explain how to remove the sensor from the old phone to the new, nor does the repair kit come with tape/adhesive to adhere it to the new phone.

Image Samsung Galaxy S20 5G (USA) Screen and Battery - Genuine


Samsung Galaxy S20 5G (USA) Screen and Battery - Genuine


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Just wanted to add that I eventually decided to carefully remove the proximity sensor from the broken phone and place it in the same spot on the new one. Thankfully the old adhesive was sticky enough to keep it in place, and it passed the proximity sensor test


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