Blower Motor works on first trip of the day, then nothing

I just replaced the blower motor and resistor under the dash, and the new blower motor will work the first time I drive the car every day. After that, nothing until the next day. Either all of the speeds work or none of the speeds work, the HVAC head still shows the fan speed going up and down with the buttons, but the fan won't turn on. I've replaced all fuses just in case I had a weak one.

Backstory, the previous blower motor locked up and the resistor did not blow a fuse. Instead, it heated up to the point of filling the cabin with smoke while driving 70 down the road and almost caught my Tahoe on fire. Could that have damaged the switch on the HVAC head unit in the dash?

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Did you check for a damaged, cooked, burned ground wire to the blower?


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