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Glow is designed with sleep in mind. Its self-dimming, warm light lulls you into better, deeper sleep.

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Wireless Charging base failures or options?

I’ve had FOUR chargers go bad on me. When I contacted Casper about the first one, they sent me two more. That’s not a good sign. Those charging bases are notoriously prone to failure. There’s two pins to connect to the light to chargé and they constantly get pushed into the charging base and stop charging the light. Anyone got another way to charge the Glow light? Or repair the charging base pins?

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David Pomerleau that is interesting. Post a couple of good pictures of what this all looks like, with your QUESTION. Point out where you see the damage reoccurring and let's see those base pins. I am sure there is a way in getting this fixed

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Hi David,

I have an Ember coffee mug with the same kind of charging setup. I was curious about its internals, so went searching for repair information on how to change the battery once it wears out. Didn't have any luck, but did come across a video of someone who went to the trouble of locating and replacing the pins you're talking about. Obviously they are likely different on your glow light, but Digi-Key sells a LOT of shapes and sizes of those pins, so there's a pretty good chance you will find something that will work.

Repairing an Ember smart mug with replacement parts from Digi-Key

Here's another video posted on the Digi-Key forums page.

Ember Smart Mug Charger Repairs - Maker, DIY - Engineering and Component Solution Forum - TechForum │ Digi-Key

Obviously you're on your own with regard to figuring out how to open up your charging base and getting to the pins, but once you do, the soldering and replacement should go about the same.

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Thanks guys! I was able to fix it. :)

Block Image

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Sweet! Hey, can you post a link to the pins you ordered to fix it? That way people with this same problem in the future (and you know there will be) will know what to get.


Yeah, I also would be interested to know what pins you have used.


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