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e 01 error message bosch dishwasher

i have bosch dishwasher with e 01 error message how can i fix it pleas

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Fahed Alahmar the E01 error is indicating a pump control circuit failure on the main control board. On some Bosch models this can cause a lack of water in the dishwasher which then will stop the heater from working and you get the E01 error code. You must also know that this error can show up secondary because of a bad heating element, bad wiring and a bad control panel of course. We really would need to know what your DW exact model is and what you have checked. If in doubt, add some good pictures of what you are looking at in respect to control panel, wiring and even heating panel. Adding images to an existing question - iFixit Repair Guide

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my friend i have already controlled control panel pump and the heating element

i think i have a problem in control panel because element of heating and pump of water all of them are good and working well


@Fahed Alahmar then take a closer look at the control panel. If the pump and the heater work, make sure that wiring harness is okay and properly connected. Check for loose relays or burnt looking components on the control board.


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