Help: Led lights don’t turn on

I recently got some interior led lights from a friend, I plugged them into the top glove box housing and the one in the middle of the truck (these were bought for a 1999 forerunner). I plugged them in and everything was working just fine I turned the truck off and they were still working good, after awhile when I got in and the truck was running, I clicked the button to turn on the lights and there was a dim flicker for barely a second and they didn’t turn on but they turn on if I open the door or cut the truck off I need help to figure out why I cannot turn them on manually I’ve tried alot the only thing that worked was when I plugged one of my stock halogen lights in and then I could manually turn the leds on/off even when the truck was turned on/off and I plugged the led light back in and could do it manually until I got back in my truck later and it was doing the same thing as before. Any suggestions?

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