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The bottom part of my screen isnt responding to touch.

The bottom part of my screen isnt responding to touch. I'm unable to get past the lock screen code to perform any resets. Help!

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Hi Tracy,

A display where the touch screen is only partially working almost always indicates a damaged digitizer, requiring replacement of the screen; the damage may or may not be visible. Just went through pretty much the exact same issue with my grandson's iPhone X after a drop and ended up replacing the screen to fix the problem.

You have a few options with regard to replacing the screen. The simplest is to take it to an Apple repair center and have them do the job; that will guarantee you won't have any issues with non-genuine screen warnings, True Tone not working, or losing Face ID. The next best would be the Apple self-repair service where you buy the screen from Apple and use their equipment to do the repair yourself. Again, this will result in full capabilities for your phone and no non-genuine parts warnings.

A standard repair shop can also do the job, and if done properly your Face ID and True Tone will continue to work correctly, but you will get a pop-up on your phone for about a week warning you about a non-genuine screen - whether it is a genuine Apple screen or not.

If you decide to repair it yourself, that's great, but you'll need to take care with transferring the original Earpiece Speaker assembly over to the new screen; if it's damaged your Face ID will not work again. Also, in order for True Tone to work, a serial number has to be copied from the old screen to the replacement using a special device programmer; the iCopy device from the Qian Li company is one example. If True Tone isn't a concern, it will work fine otherwise without doing that programming.

With that all being said, here's the guide for doing it yourself.

iPhone XS Max Screen Replacement - iFixit Repair Guide

You can support iFixit's repair efforts by purchasing a replacement screen from them; I'd recommend getting the Fix Kit option, as it includes all the tools and parts like adhesive needed to do the job.

iPhone XS Max Screen: LCD / OLED + Digitizer Repair Part, Kit

Yeah, it's a bit pricey and to be honest you can find it cheaper in other places like eBay, Amazon or AliExpress, but it's up to you. Be sure to get a precut screen adhesive too so you can reseal it when you're done; to be honest, I usually buy a couple because they're easy to mess up and I don't like to have to wait to reorder if I make a mistake.

Good luck; let us know what happens!

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Hello Tracy,

My guess is that you can't enter the lock code. This may be related to system freezes (due to some incompatible application) or damage to the screen itself. You do not write what condition the screen is right now and what happened to the phone before (e.g. whether it fell or got wet). This moment, You can use the safe boot option: press the volume up button, volume down button, then press and hold the power button. Hold it for as long (about 10 seconds) until the screen turns off - then release the power button. The phone will reboot and the touch function will be restored. Otherwise, you'll need to replace the screen to pass the lock screen.

Sometimes it happens that replacement Chinese screens stop working, mainly due to low-quality components. Tell some more, I'll try to help.

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