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Repair and disassembly information for Sony WH-1000XM2 wireless noise-cancelling over-ear headphones.

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does not turn on. even with pressing both buttons.

i was biking with my headphones when it started to rain a bit. when i came home i turned them off not thinking about the rain and tried to use them some days later, and they did not turn on. can i do anything?

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If headphones aren't waterproof or water resistant, water most likely seeped in and might have caused problems. Search for disassembly procedures so you can examine for water intrusion then wipe off remaining moisture and lay out parts either in a gas oven with only the pilot light for warmth, over a furnace or water heater or out in the sun. Any method for warm heat to dry out remaining moisture for a few hours or overnight then reassemble and recharge. Canned air can be used to help blow away moisture too.


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@nullermand_inc I would suggest that you treat it just like you would any other device that got water damaged. Use something like this guide Sony WH-1000XM2 Battery Replacement to get into your headphone. Left and Right are pretty identical. Then clean your boards with some high grade isopropyl alcohol (+95%)and a soft brush. Make sure that you get to both sides of the boards. You may have to de-solder the wires. Take pictures so you know what goes where. Clean the boards. Replace the battery and reinstall the boards. Then re-evaluate. Until it is cleaned and the battery replaced, it all will just be a guess about what is going on with it. It is not very complicated but requires a few skills like soldering. I am certain you can fix this yourself and get it going again.


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@nullermand_inc, thank you for the question, I had this problem a couple days before till now.

My case turned out to be easy: no water damage, inner power button actually worked. The outer button could not push it sufficiently, I suppose. Pushing it felt normal from the outside, so I could not detect it without disassembling.

@oldturkey03, thank you for linking a guide, it really helped me.

That was my first repair, and I tried to make sure that it still works at every step of re-assembling. The favorite headset works again, I'm happy and grateful for this thread :D

P.S. I also removed the bus connecting the touch pad in the other earpiece. I don't use it much, but it reacted to my hood and stopped playing whenever I wore it. Won't have usable touch pad anymore, but at least my headset won't be under the rain directly again.

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