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Tout pour réparer son iPhone 14 Pro Max. C'est le téléphone phare haut de gamme d'Apple pour 2022. Sorti le 16 septembre, l'iPhone 14 Pro Max arbore un écran OLED ProMotion de 6,7 pouces, la nouvelle puce Bionic A16, une triple caméra arrière et la connectivité 5G. Successeur de l'iPhone 13 Pro Max.

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How much pressure can the iPhone screen take?

Does pressure on an iPhone screen translate to the phone's internal components? I am aware that the iPhone screens are durable but do the newer phones without 3D touch like the 13s and 14s do they handle pressure on the screen just as well? The question being, does such pressure transmit internally, to the internal components of the phone like the battery, the speakers, etc, and is there direct contact between the interior surface of the screen and the internal components? And if there is, what is the tolerance of these components to such pressure, and is there a feasible risk of damage if pressed too hard?

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Can I ask why? Are you planning on hitting it with a hammer or something?


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I couldn't tell you exactly how much pressure these can handle, but if you have a heavy touch, you should be fine. I've had phones come into my shop after being run over by cars and trucks and about 90% of the time they just need a new screen. Rarely have I seen the boards and other components get damaged.

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