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Will replacing the home button restore click function?

Hi. While trying to replace a shattered screen the home button cable was torn. Will replacement of the home button restore click functionality? I know it wont fix the Touch ID but what about click? Thanks

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In my experience, it requires a great deal of care to restore the click functionality in these home buttons BUT it is possible. In this iPad’s home button replacement guide, refer to steps 20 & 21 specifically. They outline how one should remove the bracket holding the home button in place and methods for reattaching the bracket to ensure clicking functionality is maintained. It may be necessary to purchase a new rubber gasket for around the home button as well, depending on damage sustained during the original repair. Make note; in step 21 the author explains that the bracket needs to be properly aligned and secured while the adhesive cures for full functionality to be restored.

OR since you’ve already were not talking about maintaining Touch ID functionality, I would likely try to return the replacement display I bought for one that has the home button pre-installed for me. I cannot emphasize how delicate this task is and how difficult it is to fully restore the click you are used to.

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