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iPhone XS Max lags after replacing the charging port

Today my iPhone XS Max has a charging port problem, it was a hardware failure so i had to replace it, and after replacing the charging port from the dead iPhone XS Max, it has lag problem again after reboot, But when I plug it in, it's back to normal.

So is there any way to fix it? I find it rather odd because the charging port is from XS Max anyway, not OEM at all

Edit: it shut down after a few minutes and i still don't know how to fix it

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The lagging sounds more like a battery issue than a charging port issue, the phone will throttle itself so it uses less power if the battery can't supply the power the phone needs anymore. Have you already tried replacing the battery with a good-quality replacement?

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I didn't try, maybe I should. Thank you for that, I will reply as soon as possible.


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