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Flagship smartphone from Huawei released April 2019. Featuring a 6.47" FHD+ OLED screen, in-display fingerprint sensor, 40 MP main camera plus 8 MP telephoto camera and a new earpiece speaker technology. Model VOG-L29 and VOG-L09.

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do you happen to know the values ​​of the elements in the photo?

Block Image

Block Image

Hello. sorry, do you happen to know the values ​​of the elements in the photo?

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@flannelist Hello, could you help me?

Perhaps you know the answer?


@Андрей Лукьянов Is this for the same phone that was referenced in the original picture? If not, what model is it?


@Alisha C Yes, this is the same p30 pro smartphone. I found some information but I have my doubts. 24pf capacitors, 2 x 1kΩ resistors, and 1 x 18kΩ resistor


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@Андрей Лукьянов Just updated my original answer so I could attach a picture.

Adding 01/31/2023 - for Андрей Лукьянов

According to the files I have

Block Image

C2901 (red) schematic says 100n? Which i would interpret as nanofarads? That's sort of an atypical way to write that, I would have just said .1µF but that's beside the point.

R2902 (blue) 2K ohms

C2906 (purple) 33pF

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@flannelist Alisha Many thanks! As soon as I find suitable elements, I check and write if it works.


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