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Find repair and related information for the GE Refrigerator GFE27GMD, a bottom freezer model with an ice dispenser, automatic defrost system, and an anti-sweat heater switch. This page covers information for model numbers matching the pattern GFE27GMD****.

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Why won't my freezer work but fridge still cools?

I have a French door bottom freezer GE and compressor runs, coils are clean condensor fan works, fridge gets cold, but freezer doesn't at all. I replaced fan in freezer, tested it by leaving door open for a few min. and it will kick the fan on, as soon as I shut door it shuts back off. And doesn't get to temp. At a loss on if it needs a board, temp sensor in freezer, or an issue with the refrigerant system. It does alot of gurgling in the coil to fridge that is working, but don't hear it gurgling to thr freezer.

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Hi @rkoster512,

What is the model number of the refrigerator?


GE model # gfe27gmddes


GE model # gfe27gmddes

To add more details, the mother board was replaced last summer for other cooling issue and resolved it until this. The start relay was replaced it looks like because the old one is laying in cabinet still, just found that last night.


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Hi @rkoster512

There are 2 evaporator units in the refrigerator, one in each compartment, refrigerator and freezer, so it could be a 3 way valve problem (valve that regulates the refrigerant gas flow between the two evap units depending on the temp in each compartment), the temp sensor in the freezer compartment or perhaps the control board.

If the evap unit in the freezer is not icy cold i.e. 0°F, this indicates no or minimal refrigerant is flowing though it for whatever reason.

Here's the mini manual for the model. It shows how to run the diagnostic tests. Test # 00 96 checks the FZ (freezer) cooling i.e. the 3 way valve. There is also the FZ thermistor test (#00 27) which checks the freezer temp sensor. Note: FF = refrigerator, FZ = freezer.

If there is a problem with the 3 way valve (unless it is electrical external to the valve) then depending on your location, you may need to have a licensed repairer fix it. This is due to the environmental regulations regarding the handling of refrigerant gases. The 3 way valve is part of the sealed refrigerant system. Besides which you need the appropriate equipment when working on the sealed system

Hopefully this is of some help.

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