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The Meta Quest 2 (formerly Oculus Quest 2) was released in October 2020 and is the successor to the Oculus Quest.

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Why do I have to take the controller battery out a bit for it to go on

ive been using a piece of paper to keep it in place and that doesnt do the job

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can you be a little more specific?

Update (02/19/2023)

ok gotcha. sounds like the battery terminal (where the ends connect) is out of its shape. if there’s a good computer or phone repair place close to you they might be able to fix it. i don’t think you should try yourself because everything is small and delicate inside and you could get shocked. good luck tho!

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well ill send a video one sec


right so if i put my battery in all the way in dont turn on but if i use my finger to take it out a bit it turns on obviously i cant keep my finger there so how do i fix it?




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