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The Xiaomi Redmi 9 is a low-budget smartphone by Xiaomi released June 2020. It has a 6.53" IPS LCD display, a 13 MP main camera, a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor, a 5020 mAh battery, and runs on a Mediatek Helio G80.

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Hello, Speakers do not work


Speakers do not work, also a sign of headphones appears all the time

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It may be water damage. It may also be a driver issue. Try to see if there are any recent updates you could install and see if that fixes your problem. If that doesn't work, clean your speakers. Get rid of all obstructions in the speakers with a qtip and a small amount of rubbing alcohol. If that doesn't work i don't know how to help you.

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My speaker is not work and sound is slow volume full awaaz slow

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