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Support for the third generation of Chrysler Town & Country spanning model years 1996-2000.

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No power to radio, windows, wipers

I have a 1999 dodge caravan sport and it just recently started to have a problem. When I crack the van up it sounds like a small pop sound under the dash and I have no power to the wipers, windows, and radio, and the air then switches to the defrost automatically. However, when I turn the van engine off the accessories then come back to life, but they go back out again when I start the motor.

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I immediately suspect a bad ground. Most vehicles have a grounding block that will commonly ground many accessories. It will usually have a metal strap looking cable coming off of it that connected to the motor, trans or frame.

Hopefully someone here can tell you where to find the grounding straps on a 99 caravan. Unfortunately I have no idea.

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