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The HP Envy m6-105dx was designed by Hewlett-Packard and has the product number; M1V65UA. The laptop screen has a full 360 degree pivot point to convert into a touchscreen tablet.

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No Boot/Random Power Failure

I bought a used HP Envy x360 about a year ago, had no problems for a couple months then one day while under minimal load it made a loud 'Click' and abruptly Lost power.

Then it wouldn't Turn Back on, When I would press the power button it would Flash the Caps lock light 3 times I believe and the power led was solid orange indicating it was receiving power. but I couldn't find any info on error codes for the m6-105dx anywhere so I started troubleshooting.

I opened it up and first disconnected the battery and plugged it in, no joy. I was angry so I went to sleep to try again in the morning. I wake up, press the power button and it starts to boot! I get to the HP splash screen and 'CLICK' Power failure... after the sign of life I try to access the bios and I use the Advanced Startup > Startup Repair It starts but about one minute in 'CLICK' and dies.

I then try turning it on again and I miss the chance to (ESC) the boot phase but to my surprise it starts to boot and does a automatic repair and then boots successfully and prompts me to sign in, I sign in and no problems for about 15 minutes then while I was troubleshooting checking for updates, monitoring task manager, looking at temps, ECT, it dies again.

Im !#^&@@ at this time and decide to go with the nuclear option and reinstall windows from the bios and delete everything. It of course dies half way through but I keep trying and eventually it completes successfully, I set up windows and after probably 45 minutes it 'Click' Dies.

At this point I move from software to hardware. I replaced the CMOS battery, No joy. I tried swapping the RAM to the other slot, No joy. I try Another slightly different but compatible Stick from another laptop, No joy. I downloaded the HP support assistant & the HP diagnostics Tool, I run some tests and it comes back with no issues. I updated some drivers while I was at it But, No joy. I ran Some tools baked into windows, They also came back with no issues. I searched for a bios update with the support assistant, It came back with nothing also.

I've run out of ideas, The only thing I haven't tried is swapping the hard drive because I don't have a spare, Although there's no indication anything is wrong with the hard drive from windows and I haven't noticed any out of the ordinary hard drive rattle. Although the hard drive states it was manufactured NOV - 2015, So its 8 Years old with no knowledge on how actively the drive was used before I bought the laptop, I never noticed it being especially slow for a HDD.

I'm not financially able to blow $500 - $1000 for a mid to high range laptop hence why I bought a used one. I've fixed some electronics before I'm not a idiot, however I'm not Linus Tech Tips and after hours of searching Youtube, Reddit and forms I haven't found a single person with the same problem and that combined with how seemingly random the problem is I cant pinpoint it, Sometimes it will last mere minutes before dying other times hours, I had it last almost 3 days once without it dying the only weird thing is it would put itself into hibernation mode after I closed the lid / Put it to sleep. Any idea's at all would be appreciated... Thanks in advanced!

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Something to try:

Take out the hard drive. Power it up and go to the BIOS.

Does it still crash after a period of time?

No? Your hard drive is probably defective. Replacement SSD's are not too expensive.

A question. Does the "click" come from the laptop's speakers or is the sound inside the case?

Let us know how the experiment goes.

Be sure to update everything from HP web site including BIOS.

Updates: HP Envy x360 m6-w105dx

Service Manual

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I took out the HDD and it's on the boot device not found page, It hasn't crashed yet so I guess it was the HDD after all. I've never experienced a drive failure before, I always thought a drive failure would be obvious and in your face. I didn't think it would be so random, You know what I mean?

And the 'click' was coming from within the case. I honestly thought it was just the HDD loosing power and coming to a abrupt stop and looked past it. Was quite foolish of me to dismiss it so fast.

Amazon Has a Samsung 1TB SSD for $59.99 so I'll pick up one of those and swap it out Thanks for help!


Hi @kyloquinn,

The SSD will work much faster than the HDD.

Electronics can do all kinds of things when they are failing. It can just be one component going slightly below the specifications thus throwing the balance of the whole circuit off. The firmware being corrupted or the hardware slightly defective can cause the drive's seeking to get "lost" and make clicking nises.

Sometimes reflashing the drive's firmware can fix them.


So I swapped therm out and I'm having the same problem except now there's no 'Click'. And now it's crashing even in the bios where it wasn't before, Sometimes turning itself on then off again.


Hi @kyloquinn

You did take the battery out when disconnecting anything - right? Do you get to the BIOS display? How long before it crashes? Is the BIOS updated to version F.37 Rev.A?


Yes I disconnect the battery. And it states it's on F-23, However when the laptop would boot fully the hp support assistant didn't find any updates for the bios.


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I have the same problem with an HP ENVY x360 - 15-cn1022nb.

It appears a few days after changing the battery, the computer did not see the new battery (not a genuine hp). So I left it without battery and after a week it did not boot anymore, I see the HP logo and a few seconds later it turns off and I can hear the click of the disk losing power.

I am afraid it could be a MB problem.


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