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How do I glue airpod shell back with other?

If I wanna glue the airpod shell back together any recommendations on how to?

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T7000 glue. Thin bead applied round the lip the hold together with elastic band or tape for 24 hours to fully set.

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Thank you for the replie. I have b7000 adhesive glue will that be fine to apply around the lip?


@xarold101 That should also work fine.


I have the same problem with my earbuds, which was just borken yesterday. Can I use like Elmer's school glue or a hot glue gun to apply and then tape?


No, you are more likely to damage it with those, especially the hot glue. If you search for sellers in your area of the b7000, you'll likely find people selling it for 5-10$


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