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The aluminum PowerBook G4 was released by Apple to replace the previous titanium-body model. The 12" and 17" versions debutted in January 2003 with the 15" version following in September of that year.

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Startup Problem Solved but Now...?

I've resolved the startup problem I was having on my G4 Powerbook by replacing the logic board with one that I bought off Ebay and everything seems to be working fine but I've discovered one issue....The lower ram memory slot is not reading the ram....??

From what I understand after googling this problem, G4 Powerbooks were/are notorious for lower ram slot failure but I couldn't find any answers as to whether or not there's any way to kickstart the slot into reading the memory....??

So my obvious question is.....Is there? and if not, what kind of other problems can I expect with only one working ram slot if I were to put a 1gb stick in it??

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Some of these "bad slots" will take a lessor amount of RAM. Try a 512K or a 256K with the 1 GB in in the working slot.

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Thanks Guys....I'm currently running 512mb (2x256mb) of ram in the powerbook but I'd ordered 2x1gb of ram prior to receiving the LB. I did try cleaning the slot with isopropyl but unfortunately it's still dead. No problem though....The Ebay seller offered me two options....Either return the LB for a full refund or keep it with a decent partial refund....I chose to go with the partial, as aside from the failed slot it does work fine and there's another reliable Ebay vendor that I've done business with in the past who also has a LB for this laptop at a very reasonable price which comes with a 100% working 30 day return policy, so I'll likely purchase it, swap them out and keep this one as a backup....Cheers!!


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Try cleaning the slot with a high percentage isopropyl alcohol. If that doesn't work, you should be able to get along just fine with the 1GB stick in it.

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