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I forgot privacy password

How to change privacy password

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How to change privacy password


I have using realme 7 and I have forget privacy password and security questions, and don't have seen some email I'd to recover please help me 😭


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So what you want to do to solve this problem, is to go to where it asks you to put the privacy code.

After you go to that screen, where you are supposed to type it, click "Forgot Password" written in red.

Use the method you had set to reset your password. For example, you can set a security question,
like the city you were born. If you remember the answer you had set, type it in. There is also, the e-mail
method, and the SMS method. It all depends on what you had set when you first set your privacy
password that you have now forgotten.

If my answer is kind of confusing, here is the official page of reamle on their website on how to reset the privacy code

Let me know if it works!
I hope you can sort this out.

- Stratos

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