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The Shark Rocket HV301 is the second installment of vacuums in the 300 series. It is a two-in-one vacuum that comes with several attachments, making it capable of cleaning on different surfaces. Its sleek and lightweight design make it easy to maneuver around any household.

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Violent shaking and very loud noise from floor nozzle

My vacuum makes a horrible loud noise and shaking that comes from the floor nozzle. It has been getting worse to the point where I can't turn it to the carpet mode without it violently rattling and making a very loud noise. I have already replaced the belt on the vacuum, but that did not solve the problem. My theory is that either: 1) my original belt and the replacement belt were both too loose, which causes the rotary brush to shake, or 2) I noticed that the black cushion part in the clear casing around one end of the rotary brush (the end on the belt side) has a groove in it, like the black cushion has rubbed away or burned away, so maybe that could cause the brush to be less stable and shake? (see picture) Curiously, the worst of the noise seems to be coming from the other side of the vacuum, not the side with the belt. I'm wondering if anyone has any advice. I am not sure what parts I would need to replace to fix this, since I already replaced the belt.

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Update (03/10/2023)

@strongbow Thank you for your reply! I looked at the rotary brush and saw that one of the end caps on the brush (the side with the belt) has cracks on the outside and is also torn up slightly on the inside (see attached picture). Do you think that this could be causing the issue? Do you know if I purchase a replacement rotary brush, would it come with the caps at the end of the brush or is there a way to just purchase the caps?

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Also, I noticed the belt seems very loose compared to how tight I would expect a belt to be. (Even though this replacement belt is the same size as the first belt I had.) I can easily slide it off the gear and it doesn't have much tension. Do you know how tight the belt should be and if this is normal for this type of vacuum? (see attached picture)

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Update (04/11/2023)

Update on final solution: I replaced the rotary brush with a new one and it has solved my problem. No shaking or loud noises.

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Those white end caps have passed the end of their life. In the last pic you can see its ovalled. As for the belt tension, that is probably caused by those white bushes. You have to Google the brush and see if you get the bushes with it. I looked and couldn't find any. You may be looking at a whole new head if you can't find any. Maybe email the manufacturer directly and see if they can help with the parts.


@strongbow Thank you for all of your help! I will try to get a replacement rotary brush that comes with the end caps and hopefully it will work smoothly after that :)


same problem ,thanks for your help


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Remove the brush assembly and check both ends for wear. Also check the 'bearings' in either end of the brush head. If you can rattle either end by hand when it's fitted then the bearing is worn causing your issue. Also check all the brushes are there and not missing.


After looking online it looks like there might not be parts to fix it apart from the obvious. Hopefully I'm wrong.

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@zlarson Ah, I can answer the part about the belt tension. If you look carefully at that end cap, you'll find that the circular part that holds the roller isn't centered on the square part that fits into the head. Depending on which way you put it in, it will exert various amounts of tension on the belt, moving it closer or further away from the drive gear, thus loosening or tightening the belt. Fit it in, then rotate it 90 degrees to adjust the tension. If need be, try all four sides and pick the one with the best tension.

If I'm not mistaken, there should be a letter or number on each of the four sides. Once you determine the correct setting for the tension on the belt, you'll need to make sure the other end matches and is set in the same position.


Did some checking online as well, and no luck finding the end caps by themselves. However, it does appear that they are included when you buy a replacement brush roll; as far as I can see that's the only way to get them. I found examples on both Amazon and eBay, although Amazon was by far the cheapest option. Sionlan Vacuum Cleaner Brush roll Compatible with Shark Rocket HV322 HV301 HV300 HV302 HV305 HV310 HV319 HV320 HV321 HV325 UV450 Vacuum Replacement Parts : Home & Kitchen

Sionlan Vacuum Cleaner Brush roll Compatible with Shark Rocket HV322 HV301 HV300

Sorry I couldn't do better, but the Amazon one at $16 USD isn't a horrible price to pay for getting your vacuum back in service.


Doesn't look like the adjustment procedure I described is applicable to this particular vacuum. The only other possibility I see is that you might be able to adjust the position of the brush motor to change the tension. There are two screws that look like possibilities; if you loosen them you may be able to pull the motor away from the brush roller, thus placing the belt under tension. While holding it that way, tighten the screws and hopefully that will set the belt tension.

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Thank you so much for your help!! When I briefly looked online earlier, I saw the same Amazon one that you mentioned, but wasn't quite sure it would work since the brush roll and end caps look different from my model. But I will give it a shot!

I was wondering if you can clarify what you mean by, "Depending on which way you put it in, it will exert various amounts of tension on the belt, moving it closer or further away from the drive gear, thus loosening or tightening the belt. Fit it in, then rotate it 90 degrees to adjust the tension." Which part of the vacuum are you suggesting I rotate to change the tension?


@zlarson My memory may have been faulty when I made that statement. After looking online, I realize that I was remembering my Kirby vacuum. Three of the sides of the end cap have marks on them, and depending on which mark is facing up will determine the brush height, or the amount the brushes stick out from the housing.

So I was mistaken in thinking that turning the end caps would adjust the tension; it would be a simple way to implement that, but doesn't seem that's the case. I've added an update to my original answer with a possible solution.


@dadibrokeit Thanks for your reply! I agree it would be a convenient way to adjust the tension, but I guess it is too good to be true for this vacuum :)


@zlarson Sounds like a great project for someone with a 3D printer though, doesn't it? Even seems like there might be a market out there for that kind of thing.


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