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Repair guides and support for videocassette recorders including Betamax and VHS (Video Home System) players.

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My VCR tape windup spool sticks, causing distorted video

I opened it and saw the take-up spool was sticking, but why?

I already tried head cleaner but it did not help it. Record causes spots with nothing recorded and "blip" sound, when played back on good vcr. When good tape is played back it causes a short "skip", is the best I can describe. It is Samsung VR5704. It started a few months ago, before that it worked great.

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@arenard Are there any belts in this unit?


I opened it and I see no belt. I watched it play and I noticed that the spool winding up sticks a little when this happens. Everything else looks smooth running. As if there is a drag. I wanted to stop the tape but I pressed play while it was playing and that did the same thing and caused it to continue to drag for awhile.


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There are numerous possibilities here all depending upon the model of the VCR. If there are no belts (as indicated in one update), then the most likely cause here is a defect in one of the gears. It could be a broken tooth or debris in the gear itself. Some VRs use tension bands that could have debris on them as well. Please update this with the make and model. More details can be provided.


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@abrsvc the OP had the make and model clearly identified within the question. I bolded it for greater visibility.


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First off using a head cleaner on a vcr is a big no no. Second you need to clean it by hand with rubbing alcohol and a cotton cloth, then check on the bottom of the deck and see which belt is broke.

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@tazmaniac_37752 the OP already pointed out that "I opened it and I see no belt"


Yeah but usually they open from the top and the belt is on the bottom and usually yuh have to un bolt the deck from inside and take it out to see the belt.


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