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Released on May 20 2022. These are Sony's most advanced noise cancelling headphones.

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Why do I hear static noise on my left ears when in AMB/NC?

When I connect and listen to music on NC/Ambinet mode for the first 30-45 seconds I have no issues and my headphones work perfectly fine. But after the first 30-45 seconds, on my left ears I start hearing static sounds on both NC and Ambient mode. I’ve followed all the steps on Sonys website to fix this issue but it’s still there. If anyone can help, I’d really appreciate it. Thank you!

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Yo también tengo este problema pero en el lado derecho y ya lleva así desde hace 1 mes , no se como arreglarlo


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Head phone problems, depending on the headphones they most likely don't allow such filterd noises threw speakers

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