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My fridge doesn't stop running even if it hits its the ta temperature

I have a VENDOMATIC freezer from 1980 and when i plug it in and set the temperature i want it to reach it doesn't stop running even after a long time

Block Image

Block Image

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Hi @vagelis48076,

What is the model number of the freezer?

What is the actual temperature in the freezer shown by a thermometer that is placed inside the freezer, just in case the temp gauge on the control panel is incorrect?



Heres a picture of the model number

I will try putting a thermometer like you told me but if you see in the picture I can't set the exact temperature that i want i can only twist the nob



I put a thermometer in it and it sows the temperature that it is supposed to and when it reaches the temperature it cuts off the only thing now that is wrong is that the alarm light is on


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I can't view the link that you posted as I don't have access.

Post the image of the model number in your question.

Here's how Ajout d'images à une question existante

You may have to work out what the set temperature is for both Normal - min and max and Super - min and max settings by using the thermometer and checking what the temperature is for each setting when the compressor stops running because the set temp has been achieved i.e. normal min temp, normal max temp, super min temp and super max temp. At least you will then know the temp range for both settings Normal and Super.

Once the model number is known, hopefully the user manual can be found and that will indicate what the Alarm means

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