GE Refrigerator control panel keep increasing set temperature and beep

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The control panel keeps changing the fridge temperature, increasing it at random times from 37 to 44. At first it didn't happen a lot so wasn't too much of an issue but now it's trying to change it multiple times a minute so the beeping noise is driving me crazy especially at night since I can't just turn off the fridge.

Once it sets it to 44 degrees, it tries to go beyond that so the fridge does 3 beeping noise as an error sound that it can't go any higher. To prevent my fridge from going beyond 37 degrees to keep my food safe, I have to lock the controls. But with that it still beeps cus it's trying to increase the temp, but at least the temp doesn't change with it being locked.

So it got worse now, I need to use the ice sometimes so I have to unlock the control panel and when I do, none of the buttons work when I press on the control panel. I have to wait some random time for it to work again so now I'm basically just keeping it on lock forever because I can't stop it from changing the temperature.

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