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How do I reset my password

I jus plugged my computer up from a year ago , and fort my password so I’m trying to reset it

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Which password

Windows password or mother board password ??


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If you're trying to reset your computer's password, here are some steps you might take:

Use the password reset option: Depending on the operating system you're using, there may be a "Reset Password" option on the login screen. Try clicking on this option and follow the prompts to change your password.

Use an administrator account: If you have an administrator account on your computer, you can change the password from there. Log in with the administrator account, go to Control Panel (in Windows) or System Preferences (in macOS), find the "User Accounts" option, and then select the account for which you want to change the password. There should be an option to change the password.

Use password recovery tools: In some situations, you may need to use external tools to recover or reset your computer's password. These tools may vary depending on the operating system and the type of account you are using. However, please note that using these tools can be complex and potentially risky if not used properly, so it is advisable to seek accurate and reliable instructions before attempting to use them.

Recover your password via email or phone: If your account is linked to an email address or phone number, there may be an option to reset your password via a code sent to that email address or number of phone. This can be useful if you have previously configured this recovery option.

If none of these options allow you to reset your password, I recommend seeking professional technical assistance or your operating system's official support for help specific to your situation. It is important to remember that, for security reasons, it is essential to protect and remember your passwords or establish adequate recovery methods to avoid possible blocking or access problems to your account.

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