Screen swap for data recovery failed

I had a spare 3a and swapped its functional screen to a badly damaged 3a in hopes of at least activating debug mode. Didn't work :( Now the formally good screen is not displaying. It still accepts touch input on both phones. I've cleaned with isopropyl and reseated.

Did the badly damaged phone burn out my good display? Now the screen just strobes faintly on both phones. Both still accept touch, I can turn them off, vibration works... Bummer!

This thread seems similar: SOLVED: Replaced screen and now it doesn't display anything. - Google Pixel 3a - iFixit

Both are recognized by a PC.

I turned the donors debug mode on prior to disassembly. I can still turn on the verbal assistance mode with the volume rocker on the donor. Getting to that point on the damaged phone is problematic but my goal.

Touch is less responsive, so entering my restart pin on the bad phone is hard, can't seem to activate the voice assist with the two volume buttons either. I've tried using the audio jack to no avail, no audio output? It's entirely possible the trauma the phone endured damaged other components.

Microsoldering? @flannelist

I've done some Macrosoldering, I'm game.

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