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Repair and disassembly information for Logitech's Zone Wired headset.

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Left ear stops work

Please help to open Logitech Zone Wired to fix cable that inserts in left ear. Sometimes left ear stops work. If you move cable sometimes left ear start work for a while.

I need manual or explosion scheme.

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Maybe its time to get new head phones and if it is new maybe it broke on the way to your place


I used it for 8 month.

It is easy to resold or add some glue. That why i asking about opening it.


If it's only 8 months old, you should be able to do a warranty claim:


Not sure if your issue is still unresolved but I'm experiencing the same thing and I found out it's in the main cable that ends in earphone that also has the microphone connected to it.

I've prepped (dissembled) the headphone already, so I'll be working on it tommorow. I'll try to keep you updated.


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I have the same problem. You can remove the earpad by twisting counterclockwise and firmly holding the earcan with the other hand. This opens access to the screws. I'll give this a try and update when I have time to mess about in there.

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Thank you for manual. I get inside. I see seldered wires. But i think i need to get a little dipper in microphone section. Any ideas how to get it?


Do not really understand what is real problem. When i descrewed 4 screws i get inside and see all soldered wires on mini PCB.

All that time i turned on music only in left chanel.

After removing dynamic headphone driver it was silent.

When i triend to put it back it make some music in same positions.

It could be a problem with headphone driver and not with cable inserted in phones.

Still trying to understand.


Now working idea is that problem is in desoldering one of the contacts from membrane. To get to membrane you need to open capsule while openeng 4 latches as i see.


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Remove the earpad by twisting counterclockwise and firmly holding the earcan with the other hand. Once you have removed the earpad, you can unscrew the 4 small screws. Then you must unscrew the central screw that locks the headphone to the micro. After that, you have to carefully but strongly pull the inner plastic part. There, 4 more screws are revealed which can be unscrewed to access the mic part. In my case the faulty cable was the one going from the mic part to the headphone (presumably due to a bad design). I used a multimeter to test which one of the four (+/- left and right) was failing, and soldered a new cable. Now is working but I don't think it will last too long.

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