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The Beats Solo Pro is for the listener who's always on the move. Noise cancelling is surprisingly effective for a pair of on-ear headphones. Although the sound signature remains bass-heavy, as is emblematic of Beats, it rarely overpowers vocal reproduction.

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How do I fix the ear cup area dangling by wire PLEASE HELP

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please help me fix this

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This Guide to replace the side panel might help. It’s looks the part on the inside just slides off. As long as all the bits of this mechanism are undamaged, you should be able to slide that bit back on. But it looks like the bigger problem here is going to be that there’s a screw missing. And I would want to know why. It’s unusual for a screw to just up and pop out. It may be there was damage in that area, so I would give this spot a good inspection.

I can’t see exactly how that screw holds everything together in this picture, but I suspect this will get you close enough. Once you can fasten the bits back together I suspect the side panel will just slide back in.

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i will try this


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