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Audio cuts out during lower voice/noise levels

My old computer speakers died and I bought a new pair of NJSJ H100 speakers from Amazon which look cool with variable lighting, and feature both a hardwired 3.5 mm jack connection (similar to my old speakers) AND are also Bluetooth connectable, The set is powered through a USB cable and a spare iPhone power cube plugged into a power strip. The issue is that when used in 3.5 mm jack mode, when watching videos the sound cuts out completely whenever there is a point in the sound track when the voices are very low or when there is only background noise. The sound returns when the background noise or the voices get elevated, but there is always some of the audio that is lost. This is VERY annoying. I think I have updated the audio drivers but not sure if I got all of them. I have changed the power cube from a dual USB to a single USB connection. I am thinking that I should just return the speakers to Amazon and try a different make/model.

Asus MotherBoard with 7-12700K CPU running at 3.60 GHz (not overclocked)

Windows 11 Pro, 22H2 Build 22621.1635

Anyone have any ideas or experienced the same problem?

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I would return them as well and find the stock pair of speakers it would save a lot of head ake.

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