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A budget companion phone for the Galaxy SIII, Also known as Samsung I8190 Galaxy S3 mini, Samsung Galaxy S III more. Available as Samsung I8190N Galaxy S III mini with NFC. Identifiable by the model number GT-i8190.

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Screen flickers after battery replacement

Hi, I my GS3 mini’s battery was on it’s last leg, so I bought a new battery for it. However, it appears that the third party battery I bought was rated for 1350mAh, while the original was 1500mAh. When I run it on the weak original, no flickering. On the new one, flickering. How do I fix this without buying a new phone or yet another battery replacement? (I bought a Samsung Original)

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@stechkid just based on this "on the weak original, no flickering. On the new one, flickering." replace the battery once more. Get it from a different supplier. This appears to be a power issue due to a "bad" battery. Re-evaluate with a new battery.

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I was just about to buy another original, but then I looked up other solutions and some people were saying that you need to calibrate a new battery, so I used the code and calibrated it and the flickering is gone. I am still going to buy a new battery as I have replaced batteries on other phones, including old Samsungs and this has never happened before, so I am going to buy another from another supplier just in case.


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The other option to try is recalibration, I was bought another but calibration can fix it in some cases.

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