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Released November 6th, 2020. Model LM-K920

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LG K92 5G- I have Questions about Power Flex Cable Replacement

I would like to know if you have a guide for replacing the power button/finger print scanner. The screen repair guide helps but im curious if there is anything I should know about it. The phone turns on when plugged in showing it is charging, but when the power button is pressed the phone doesn't turn on. I have the new power button in and have stopped there, but was curious and had concerns of things that I may need to do or avoid doing. Also if replacing this should fix the issue.

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I didn't figure out why the power button doesn't work, but I saved the customer money and showed him how to turn it on. If your power button doesn't work on any LG phone this is what you do to turn it on. Hold down your volume down button, plug your phone into the charger as soon as you see the LG come onto your screen release the volume down button and unplug your phone from the charger!

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Thanks! Worked on first try!


Yea! Glad I could help you out! Took me hours to figure it out!


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