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Guide de réparation et de désassemblage pour les ordinateurs de bureau produits par Acer.

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My all in one Acer Aspire ZC-700G is in a boot loop.

My all in one Acer Aspire ZC-700G is in a boot loop. Whenever I power it on, it gets to the Acer logo and resets. This didn’t start until after the latest update.

Update (05/16/23)

When I press F2, the computer restarts before it can open the bios screen.

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Which model of Acer All-In-One? It should be marked on the back of the case. Can you get to the BIOS screen by holding down the F2 or the Del key when you power on?


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Something has likely got corrupted during the up date - Windows I presume?

Taping the F2 or DEl key sometimes works better than just pressing and holding down. If you still can't get into the BIOS shut down the computer by holding the power button down and unplug all cables. Take the back cover off (see video below) and disconnect the hard drive and take the RAM out. Power on again. This will some times force the BIOS screen to load.

How to open back panel video

While inside, taking out the BIOS/CMOS coin battery should reset the BIOS to default settings.

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