All Video Streaming Apps are Grayscale. Why?

I just recently fished my phone out of a lake. it died and I had to replace it. Though I did manage to salvage the SIM card. But shortly after putting it in the new phone, all streaming apps and video playing apps went Grayscale. Nothing else however.

It works temporarily after restarting the phone. But Grayscale returned within minutes. I ran it in safe mode and YouTube worked alright for the time I tested it. Not sure why. Any one have any guesses?

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What Android version iss the new phone eunning?


I'm on Android 10. I'm pretty sure.


@andrewsawesome chrome is also affected. I'm on Android 10 or higher.


@jonfrangenberg Have you tried restarting the phone in safe mode?


@andrewsawesome Yes. I don't know what to do from there however.


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